Electrical Repair in El Dorado, placer & Sacramento Counties, CA



Air Conditioning Repair - Electrical in Loomis, CA
For all of your residential and commercial electrical repairs, call Swihart Enterprises & Electrical.

Code Compliance

If you have become aware that your home or business has a code violation, call our licensed electricians to repair the work for you. Poorly installed systems can be dangerous, don't risk your safety with out of code electrical work.

Generators Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

It is important to keep your backup generator in good working condition in case of an emergency. Our technicians at Swihart Enterprises and Electrical can handle all of your maintenance and repair needs, and even replace your generator if needed.

Home Inspection

If you are looking to sell or buy a home, a home inspection is required to ensure the seller is protected from legal actions or fines, and they buyer is safe in their new home. Our electricians can come to you for your home inspection needs.

Baseboard Heating Repair

Our professionals have extensive knowledge of how to repair baseboard heaters. Baseboard heaters are useful, but can have issues from time to time. These problems are important to correct because they can cause reduced heat, higher bills, and be a dangerous hazard. If your baseboard heater is acting up, give us a call.


Our team of experts can assist you with troubleshooting to get your home or business' electrical work back on track.