Residential Electricians in El Dorado, placer & Sacramento Counties, CA



Your home depends on electricity to keep it running. At Swihart Enterprises & Electrical, we know It's important that your home runs efficiently, so you aren't spending more than you have to on the essentials. We make sure all your wiring is safe, as well as provides a wide range of services to make sure your electrical needs are met.
Light Switch - Residential Electrician in Loomis, CA

Outlets and Switches

The electricians at Swihart Enterprises & Electrical can tackle the tricky task of installing new outlets and switches with no trouble. Let us get the job done right the first time. We offer comprehensive outlet and switch installation, inspection, and replacement for your home.

GCFI Outlets

Keep your home up to code and safe with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GCFI). GFCIs are required in unfinished basements, kitchens, garages, bathrooms, outdoors, and/or anywhere an outlet is close to a sink. They are designed to shut down an electrical circuit if something goes wrong, to protect from electric shock and fire. Our team installs and test GCFIs to ensure your home, and family is safe.
gcfi outlet
Ceiling Fan - Residential Electrician in Loomis, CA

Ceiling Fans

Our electricians at Swihart Enterprises & Electrical are experienced with a wide range of ceiling fans and light fixtures. We know that every home is different, so we make sure our installations are energy efficient and gives your room optimal air circulation.


Our home lighting systems cover a wide range of needs. Our experts can install interior, exterior, and security lighting.
  • Interior Lighting- Standard or custom systems, large fixtures, strip lights, and upgrades
  • Exterior Lighting- Fixtures, custom yard lights, garden and pathway lighting, landscape lighting, damage repairs
  • Security Lighting- Timed lights, and motion activated lights in interior and exterior
It may be time to replace your old light fixtures with high quality, energy efficient models. Doing this saves you money, and updates the look and feel of your home. Our fully licensed and insured in house electricians can install your new light fixtures today.
Lighting - Residential Electrician in Loomis, CA
Breakers & Panels - Residential Electrician in Loomis, CA

Breakers & Panels

A tripping breaker may be indicative of a short. Don't risk damage to your home if you have a breaker that continuously trips. The professionals at Swihart Enterprises & Electrical can take a look at your breaker, and service it before the problem gets too big.
Contact our electricians to see if your panel needs to be upgraded to ensure efficiently, as well as safety. A panel trying to handle more than it should, can cause fires. If your energy usage has increased, or if your panel has been modified in the past, call the licensed electricians at Swihart.


It's important to have a standby generator in case of an emergency. Standby generators kick in when your main source of power goes down. Don't risk being without power. Our electricians can install, and maintain your standby generator.
Generator - Residential Electrician in Loomis, CA
Hot Tub - Residential Electrician in Loomis, CA

Hot Tubs & Spas

Home hot tubs and spas are a convenient and fun way to relax. If you are looking to create an oasis at your home, call our licensed electricians to install your hot tub or spa to ensure it runs properly.